Our community

Creative professionals

We are practitioners from a diverse range of fields: architects, art and culture curators, psychologists, actors, composers, illustrators, directors, musicians, designers, communication specialists, dancers, and… a whole host of other creative practitioners from various disciplines.


We come together for the common goal of developing creativity in society. We do this by initiating creative partnerships with educational and cultural organisations and addressing their challenges. Partnerships lead to new creative learning practices, skill building, inspiration and motivation for action. When organisations make room for creativity, they tend to reflect on their work more, try out new approaches and focus on important issues.

What we do

We know that there are hundreds of ways to solve every problem. That’s why we trust our creative intuition and our unique approach when building partnerships with people in organisations. Like acrobats, we masterfully apply our knowledge to assess the situation specifically in your organisation. We become facilitators, coaches, consultants, critical friends, reflectors, agents of change, venturers… But whatever role we may take on, the main initiators and bringers of change are the people in the organisations themselves. 


We are constantly learning from our own experiences and those of others, exercising our creativity, asking questions, exploring answers, revealing new angles. This is how we grow.


We work as an association that is united by shared ideas and practical principles. Our core is made up of experienced, well-versed creative practitioners, but we are always open to accept new members.


As a community of creative practitioners, we make sure that our experience and ideas are widely disseminated: we organise unique masterclasses for the association’s members as well as open events for the cultural and educational communities and the public.