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We are KŪRYBINĖS JUNGTYS (Creative Connections) – a community of creative professionals united in our commitment to an open, creative, learning society.

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Our fundamental question is: how can we make creativity work in practice? How can we use culture and learning to make our society more open to the world and to each other, more creative and thoughtful?

Our work

Our work includes continuous learning and innovation programmes, training courses, consulting, research, and mobilising human, institutional and financial resources for major interdisciplinary projects.

For schools

We can help you create a relevant, engaging learning process based on exploration and creativity, address learning challenges, develop critical thinking, creativity and leadership.


For cultural organisations

We can help you increase your ability to understand your audience, improve its experience and foster the creation of relevant cultural experiences that engage the audience.


For creative professionals

We learn from each other and are always improving by exercising our creativity, asking questions and discovering new points of view.

Our community

We are KŪRYBINĖS JUNGTYS – a community of around 100 creative professionals from various fields.

We have come together because we believe it is important to develop creativity in society. We are doing so by initiating creative partnerships with schools and cultural organisations, which allows for the emergence of new creative learning practices, innovations and positive change.

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